RPN Ski School

nordic-ski-funEach program season, RPN provides cross-country ski instruction to children ages 5-12. Each of our four groups are provided with age and skill appropriate instruction. The RPN program brings together a variety of techniques and learning modules created by the Central Cross Country Ski Association (CXC) in Wisconsin and the community development division of the Maine Winter Sports Center-Healthy Hometowns.

Our Ski School Groups

Polar Bears (Age 5-6)

Sport and activity become a fun and integral part of life where children learn basic athletic motions, develop basic strength, flexibility and fitness all while focused on having fun.

Arctic Foxes (Age 7-8)

Youth participants learn athletic coordination, balance, and agility while continuing to develop overall strength, flexibility, speed and basic fitness. The importance of team-work and fair play are learned. Fun continues to be the major focus.

Snow Leopards (Age 9-10)

Youth participants will engage in a number of athletic activities that focus on strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance, speed and endurance. Fair play, teamwork and fun continue to be emphasized.

Arctic Explorers (Age 11-12)

Youth athletes develop sport-specific skills as well as fitness. Skier develops & refines goals and leadership skills, explores all ski skills and challenges which include longer ski distances.

Program Location

Burden Lake Country Club                                                                                                                                                                                                          162 Totem Lodge Road                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Averill Park, New York 12018

RPN program activities will be conducted at Burden Lake Country Club in Averill Park New York. For more information please visit: www.Blccgolf.com/cross_country_skiing.php

For parents interested in trying xc skiing while their children participate in the program, the cost of a trail pass is $5.00 and daily ski rentals are $15.00. You may also snowshoe. Please call Burden Lake Country Club for more information or to inquire ahead of time regarding equipment rentals at (518) 674-1770.

  • Full service club house, restrooms and rentals