Health Benefits

Winter can be a particularly difficult time to keep physically active. Sedentary activity is directly attributed to growing obesity levels in children as they are not burning excess calories. The childhood obesity epidemic has put the health of New York children in crisis. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, 20 percent of U.S. children will be defined as obese during the coming year. However, currently, one third of all New York’s children are already obese or overweight.

To respond to this need, RPN has developed a program that combines both xc skiing and health promotion. Families enrolled with RPN will be provided with nutrition education and information by qualified staff members. Children and youth will also be encouraged to use RPN’s Healthy Active Living BINGO game to engage in other fun outdoor winter activities during program weeks.

RPN believes that it is important to provide a combination of both fun physical activity options and practical nutritional information if we truly want to see improved, long-term health outcomes for children and their families.

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